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Introducing our Newsletters:

T his is an exciting day for us as we have just written our very 1st edition of the Madmom05 Newsletter. I posted photos of the whole document below for you to click on save and read, or by clicking on the Link in blue below, you will be automatically taken to a reader only version of the complete document. Since this is the first one it’s very important to me and I would appreciate input on it, advice, any other information that you may have for me to improve on our future editions. Thank you to all my followers, supporters and friends out there who believe in me and my vision for this website.


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The Link below will redirect you to a Read Only version of this document, the original is in Word Format, and I don’t know if it can be converted or not to pdf file, so please click the link below and show your support in my mission and cause. This newsletter is completely made up by myself, I am the original Author, and am also not a medical professional…..ClickBlueLinkBelow……



Using an Addiction Recovery Toolbox gives you extra defense against relapse. Here’s what you need to do…


Asks’s Madmom05: Visit my Facebook pg please and join me in my recovery and help support my mission to lead others to recovery, stop addiction before it starts through education, and getting the truth out there. I need my countries support here, please? I can’t do it alone, just like I couldn’t do recovery alone. Help me, help others and join my cause!


Whether you are thinking about sobriety, are in the early stages of it, or are well into it, you can benefit from having a Toolbox. Actually, if you are human you can benefit from a Toolbox.

If you are still drinking/drugging/whatevering, you can start incorporating these things NOW. By doing this, you effectively soften the blow when you remove the harmful substance. Adding in healthy coping tools before the quit creates new habits, new synapses in the brain, new circuitry. You effectively train yourself to seek the healthy coping mechanism/tool, and as you move through quitting the bad stuff, your body has learned other ways to self-soothe/balance/cope.

#Madmom05realRecovery-A personal note:
The most used “Tool” that I have in my own Addiction Recovery Toolbox, is for times of acute and sudden stress, days in which im feeling particularly depressed or am so close to giving in, actually can be accessed through anyone’s YouTube app! I made a #motivationinRecovery playlist and added all my favorite speeches or talks, or songs that motivate me to keep going and to not give up. I listen to them and slowly but surely my thinking eventually begins to change and I get that boost of confidence I need to realize that not only was I triggered, but I can name what triggered me, note any red flag thoughts or actions that I had prior to that and begin to plan ways to better avoid that in the future, even potentially training myself to catch the red flags, and then immediately redirect myself towards something that effectively holds my attention and mind away from the problem/problems that lead me to thinking about giving up my sobriety. I’m not near there as of yet, but with practice I know I can be my own defense and win in the long as long as I prepare for absolutely anything that could cause me to fail.

#Recoveryrising. #SoberNation

Thank you to all my followers, readers, supporters, friends and family,


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