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I can’t quit now; Reasons why Addicts haven’t sought out treatment.

When you become trapped in the vicious cycle that is Addiction it consumes your every thought and actions. Sometimes you even dream about using. Most people have an array of reasons why they couldn’t possibly quit yet. Some common reasons for this includes the following:

1. Afraid to admit that they have a problem.

-some people are stuck in the denial phase of their Addiction and won’t realized that it’s become way out of hand. Thinking that they can stop whenever they want to, or that their loved ones won’t understand and they will eventually push them away.

2. The withdrawal process.

-Most Addicts have experienced some degree of withdrawal symptoms from their body being dependant upon the drugs. Addiction changes your brain, completely rewiring it to a point where it sends out a destress call when it needs more, and if you don’t take it, your brain makes you actually feel like you are dying and deathly ill. It’s such a powerful organ that even though you don’t actually need the drugs to survive it makes you believe you do and that’s is where the brain tricks you, and the physical symptoms are really just being made up by your own head.

3. unfairly treated.

– every Addict, whether they are addicted to alcohol, or opiates or even Xanax and Meth, they will eventually be treated like are the worst people in society. Personally speaking, I have been given poor health care and spoken to like a criminal whose just lying to get medication. I know this is one big problem out there because as soon as you admit it, and are truthful with your doctor or the hospital at the emergency department you notice the harsh judgement and rude attitudes immediately. Doctor’s took an oath to help all those in distress and I believe it should be illegal to give an individual who is addicted less than the excat same care and consideration that they would give any normal patient under the condition of the reason for their visit. What happens one day when an addict goes to the ER complaining of abdominal pain, and it’s their appendix for example and because they are Addicts the doctor doesn’t take them seriously, treats them as if they are lying right away and sends them home only to later have it erupt on then and end up dead? Doctor’s who treat Addicts this way have no business being a liscened physician at all. This could happen to anyone, even brilliant doctors so in the future I decided that if I absolutely we had to go to the hospital, I would record the entire visit and if I’m treated with anything less than the same respect they would normally give, or given sub-par treatment compared to how I would be treated if I was never an addict, I would sue them, because it’s time we stop letting others make us feel like human garbage. We are not garbage, we are your mothers, your fathers, your sons, your daughters, sisters, brothers,grandmothers,grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles, and our Addiction doesn’t define who we are!

4. High Cost of Treatment.

-Most out patient treatment centers, which are doctor’s trained specifically for Addiction medicine and operates on a month to month treatment plan with therapy and medication, don’t accept insurance for the office visit. Initial visits alone can go from anywhere to $120-$500. That monthly payment comes out of pocket. Then the extreme cost of the prescription also poses issues, the lowest I have ever seen with sublingual Suboxone films, cost upwards of $8-$15 a piece, and being prescribed 60-90 of them a month keeps people from being able to reasonably afford their medication. Eventually they can’t keep up with the high costs and give up, returning to the cycle of Addiction. There has to be something that can be done to fix this problem or someone willing to begin a grant/charity donation, program for those who don’t have access to the money it takes to get Sober. There would be more people seeking help if this issue was addressed.

5. Family Issues and Stresses.

– It’s hard to admit to your parents, siblings, or spouses that you have a problem with Addiction. They don’t want to end up losing their family or being sent to treatment and leaving behind their loved ones, especially mothers, I couldn’t get past the fact that a long term in-patient treatment program last anywhere from 30-90 days. That’s a long time to just pick up and leave behind everything and everyone and those with small children are the hardest to be convinced to go seek treatment.

There are many more reasons out there, and each person has some explanation of why they can’t get help yet, and eventually they will get to a point of complete and utter despair and become fed up of wasting their lives living from one high to the next feeding an ever growing monster that’s never satisfied. I used to think that I would never get tired of the high and I’d be stuck chasing it forever, but I was wrong. Eventually I started to get fed up, afraid, lonely, and lost important people in my life and burned to many good opportunities to continue to let this disease control me and I knew if I didn’t, I would loose my kids forever and I had to put their best interest at heart. Your kids deserve the very best of you as a mother and letting Addiction cloud up your world so bad that it’s all you can see and your kids are literally growing up and changing and you are missing out on being there for all their new experiences and spending time with them before it’s too late. Kids are not dumb, they see way more than you know and because they have always seen you as their protector and their comfort, and see you as a role model, changing and seeking help is inevitable so you do it sooner than later and Stop hurting yourself and your family.

Anyone who has other example of excuses Addicts list out when asked why they haven’t gotten treatment yet?

Has anyone ever been on the receiving end of disrespectful treatment by Physicians or other medical professionals?

I would like to read y’all’s comments on this so post it up and I’ll respond back asap, Thanks for your time,

Amy M. Battenhausen

Peer-Peer Addiction recovery coach and mentor

There should be no Excuse accepted