REDFLAG thoughts and how to squash them B4 they ruin your recovery…

RED-FLAG Thoughts-

What are Red Flag Thoughts

Red Flag thoughts are thoughts that you have in your mind that let’s you believe or justify your decision to go use drugs and relapse and once you are familiar with them REDFLAG thoughts you will find yourself catching them as soon as they take root and you can stop them quick! You begin by trying to not think about using and then it moves on to you trying to justify it in your head by saying that it’s only going to be once or maybe you have had a bad day so you deserve to go get high and before you know it you are looking in the ugly face of the big R. Relapse and that’s never pretty for any recovering addict!

Saying things like One drink is all I need and I’m done, or it’s only one pill, and no one has to know, is nothing but the beginning of a Relapse and could very likely pull you all the way back into your full addiction. It’s important to figure out the places, things, feelings that cause you to want to use and plan to counter them and fight them, or even avoid them all together to keep your self in Recovery. Once you can establish what those things are, for example I don’t watch Intervention, then you can avoid the thoughts that will cause you to crave the addiction!

You have to pay attention and really focus to keep these thoughts away and learn to live without them in your mind and to live without people or avoid places that trigger you and find new people and places you like and leave drugs out of all your new life and new friends so you don’t have any triggers in your everyday life anymore.

Homework assignment is to make a list of things that cause you cravings or triggers and begin to plan a way to cut it out of your new life in recovery, because your going to Win damn it! You are stronger than your addiction and you have a life to get back to and family who missed you and new friends and new fun things to see and do and you don’t have time to be alone in addiction jail anymore you have a awesome life to live!


June 2018!


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P.S. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, please stand by them(don’t enable them), don’t abandon them or kick them out of the family or your life, because they need you and you can help them get better hurting them won’t help it could cause the addict to completely give up, your addict will get there, one day they will actually really be tired and fed up with addiction using them and ruining their lives and it will happen one day, we all get fed up eventually and they will be lucky to have best friends or close family who support and stand by them! Hang I. There and get educated on everything you can find on addiction and recovery ASAP!